We are dedicated to music education. Our Kindermusic Workshops teach kids and adults how to make homemade instruments out of recyclable materials!

Construct a DoodleBass! Build a Cigar Box Banjo! Make a Kazoo, or How about a Janglestick? The Pickles will show you how to build and play these zany, multicolored music-makers. Start your own homemade band and lead the parade.

These workshops have been a hit at festivals, parades, pediatric hospitals and community centers around North America, bringing the joy of music to thousands of children and adults. For more information on our concert/workshop packages contact us at pickleproject@yahoo.com

DFPP also likes to perform for children. The Pickle Boys present  concerts for kids in pediatric hospitals, community concerts and benefits. If you know a group of young people that would benefoit from a Pickle concert, and DFPP will be in your area, why not get ahold of them and see if they can donate a bit of their time and talents?
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